Depot Automation — from idea to reality

1. Understanding the requirement

Experienced automation specialists get an understanding of what you want to achieve. Different ways forward are presented until the solution to your requirement is agreed.

2. Working the solution

Caljan's project team examines the challenge, drawing on years of engineering experience to fully design and fine-tune the proposed solution. They engage with key stakeholders to make sure the result is a good fit for your business, providing the value you are looking for. 

3. Reaching agreement

Creating 2D / 3D layouts helps visualise the scope of delivery. At this point, new functionality can be added and components can be changed.

The clearly defined solution forms the basis of a 'Statement of Requirement’ that is agreed on.

Technical proposals, layouts and schedules are provided, as matching expectations is critical to project success. 

4. Detailed design

Once contracts have been exchanged, the fine details are agreed. During the detailed design phase, the solution will be optimised to ensure best value, functional fit and operational efficiency.

A simulation is developed, so that vulnerable areas are identified — and redesigned. Once the simulation has been signed off, the design is frozen and manufacture can begin.

5. Installation on-site

Installation is carefully planned, so disruption is kept to a minimum. All relevant personnel are involved to make sure the site is ready and the schedule is kept.

Caljan's project team, led by a nominated Caljan project manager, is always in attendance.

6. Commissioning & compliance

Following mechanical and electrical installation, commissioning validates system functionality.

In addition to general testing and assessing, the system is CE marked and a Declaration of Conformity is issued.

7. Training & Support

Caljan provides training and Go-Live site support for all Automation projects. Attending on site, our service engineers monitor the equipment, making sure it runs in correctly, performing to the high standards we set at Caljan.

8. Service

Caljan provides full system, life-cycle support — tailored to suit the exact requirements of your business.

We can also offer residential service, where a Caljan service engineer works full time at your facility, is often a good way forward. Caljan takes care of administration and training; the engineer takes care of your equipment.

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