Increase efficiency by handling shipping documents automaticallyIN-LINE DOCUMENT HANDLING

Save time by handling documents as an integral part of the in-line process
Relevant documents are automatically printed and inserted inside or even on top of the shipment

Caljan Rite-Hite takes care of everything, providing you with a plug and play solution

Throughput is guaranteed on every Caljan Label and Document Handling Solution

Print on demand - no manual preparation, no mistakes and no waste

Grow your sales; automatically include relevant promotional literature with shipments

Print shipping documents and place automatically in easily accessible pouch

Print and insert correct shipping and return documents with items ordered

Handle loose-loaded cargo profitably CUT HANDLING COSTS BY 50%

Instead of your team taking up to 4 hours to unload a container, one operator can do the job in just 2 hours with the help of a Caljan Telescopic Conveyor

Reduce turn-around time at doors giving you greater capacity without taking extra space

Future-proof design means you can upgrade at any time during the Performer’s lifetime

Shock absorption system protects both the conveyor and your cargo

Unique 5 year structural warranty protects your investment

Smooth integration with your system enhances performance management

Over 100 optional extras guarantees a solution that fits your needs perfectly

Labels printed and placed accurately - at speedINTELLIGENT IN-LINE LABELLING

Individual labels printed and accurately applied at high speeds
Labels are printed and applied to flat or uneven surfaces, and even on round objects — all as part of the in-line process

Caljan Rite-Hite takes care of everything, providing you with a plug and play solution

Throughput is guaranteed on every Caljan Print & Apply Solution

Flexible pads apply labels to tubes etc., without wrinkles

Carrier specific labels are applied in just the right place

Labels are firmly applied to pallet feet & pallet content, even when stacked

Affix labels firmly to hanging garments as they sway along

Improve the work environment with Caljan Telescopic Conveyors WORK EASILY WITH LOOSE-LOADED CARGO

Save on costs relating to sickness by lightening the load for logistic employees.
Improving the work environment will help you retain qualified staff and maintain capacity throughout the shift too.

With a capacity of 100 kg/mtr Calan Telescopic Conveyors move any non-palletized cargo

Employees work ergonomically and without strain, maintaining a steady pace throughout the day

Full under-guarding prevents fingers getting trapped beneath the conveyor

Ergonomic design with low top of belt means lifting when turning can be avoided

Circulate or heat air inside the container to make filling or emptying more comfortable

Eliminate lifting at incorrect heights with a platform or articulating belt extension

Extend equipment life to protect your investment KNOW YOUR EQUIPMENT WILL RUN

Confidence in your equipment can be key to your success. From installation to maintenance and replacement, we’ve got you covered.

Start well and reduce costs with site survey and efficient equipment installation

Prompt response – within hours the problem is fixed and you’re up and running again

We stock all major spares for current products – so they are close to hand when required

Tailored maintenance plans & site visits scheduled to avoid peak periods in your calendar

Factory-trained service technicians are wise to your safety regulations

We can anticipate your spare requirements and pro-actively supply OEM spare part kits

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