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Online shopping continues to surge upwards, resulting in higher volumes of parcels. On-time delivery has become a measure of success — not to mention an expensive, herculean task.

Gearing up to handle higher throughput can be a challenge. Changing processes and workflows requires committment and support.

Bringing in specialists can be the answer. At Caljan we believe that a growth strategy can only be implemented successfully, when we understand your goals and how changes can potentially affect other processes. We are then able to identify possible pitfalls — and avoid them.

Streamlining the last stage of the supply chain is often a cost-effective solution. When routing becomes more efficient, capacity can increase without eating into your profit.

The answer may be full-automation or automating parts of the manual process. Explain your challenge and we will develop a solution that works for you.

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Caljan has specialized in handling loose-loaded cargo since 1963. We listen, we're flexible, and we're here to help.

We take full responsibility for the complete project — from concept to commissioning.... and beyond

A turn-key solution

Your project may include telescopics, conveyors, scan and label (ASAL), merge and diverts. Or you may require a total refit with mezzanine floors, cameras, legal-for-trade DWS data, X-ray equipment, packaging, and a rework loop.  

Caljan engineers develop a solution that matches your needs perfectly. From the initial meeting, through system design and manufacturing to installation and validation against requirement specification. We can even offer service support, often as residential care. 

We take care of your intralogistics solution, so you can focus on growing your business.

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Focus on flexiblity

When upgrading from manual handling to semi or fully-automatic routing, you want to be sure the solution has the required capacity. 

The dreams of tomorrow all to quickly become the demands of today. Caljan thinks holistically, considering future requirements too, e.g., bi-directional flow for smooth handling of returns.

Our solutions are adaptable. When space allows, extra lines can be added to existing installations. The installation can also be reworked, perhaps by adding a second tier so that higher volumes can be handled with ease.

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