Getting in and out quickly is imperative for retailers

Omni-channel retailing is exploding - can your supply chain cope with the challenge?

84% of the US population now has access to internet. This is exemplified by continued growth in e-commerce, which accounts for more than 1/3 of total retail sales in USA. Brick and morter retailers have adopted an omni-channel approach, marketing their offering on-line or through mobile apps. The US Department of Commerce estimates that e-commerce is largely responsible for the total growth in retail sales. Few of these customers opt for click and collect solutions, the majority expect rapid delivery to their home - or even 'to wherever I am'. Striving to become more effective, retailers often handle e-commerce sales, returns and store-replenishment from the same distribution center. Retailers need to optimize every inch of their supply chain
Although focus of late has been on optimizing the last mile, we believe there are competitive advantages to be gained by optimizing every inch of the supply chain. Very often it is possible to increase productivity by effecting relatively small changes.

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