Can Caljan equipment be tied into an existing logistics system?

Yes. We are able to design a custom system to handle the loading and/or unloading process, or we can integrate Caljan equipment into an existing logistics system. All Caljan products are intelligent with the capacity to communicate with existing logistics systems. Typically, our system specialists would work together with your technicians to optimise the communication process, customising and programming the telescopic conveyor, labeller, weight and volume measuring equipment or whatever accordingly.

We have experience incorporating Caljan equipment into fully interlocking loading bays. Typically this is done to optimise productivity or to improve safety, e.g. the vehicle may be locked vehicle into place – perhaps with a Rite-Hite Global Wheel Lok – before the door can be opened. These steps in the process must be registered before the telescopic conveyor can be activated. This was the case at Samsonite in Belgium. Download the case study here.

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