How much space do I need for a Caljan telescopic boom conveyor?

There are many parameters to consider when choosing an extendable conveyor

When selecting a Caljan telescopic boom conveyor – often called an extendable conveyor – the most important parameter is the length it can extend. It should be long enough to reach into the vehicles that must be loaded/unloaded. If a 53′ trailer is standard for your transport partner, an extension of 55′ (16.7 m) will be sufficient, if the conveyor is placed directly behind the door. If the extendable conveyor is to be placed behind a dock leveler, so the door can be used for both palletized and loose-loaded goods, you should opt for a telescopic conveyor with a longer extendability. We recommend a CBP model that extends approx. 69′ (21 m).

When not in use the extendable conveyor retracts into the base section. The base section needs to be long enough to store the extendable sections. If space is limited, a Caljan telescopic boom conveyor with more – shorter – sections will take up least space. For example a boom conveyor with a reach of 55′ (16.7 m) and 4 sections has a footprint (length of base section) of 25′ 2″ (7.6 m). A similar model with 5 sections and a reach of 54′ 11″ has a footprint of just 19′ 3″ (5.8 m).

Other parameters must also be considered; you may find it beneficial to fit a platform to the conveyor, or need the boom conveyor to move between multiple doors.

Discuss your application with Caljan to determine the appropriate Caljan Telescopic boom conveyor for your needs.

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