Musik Meyer makes a manual job easier


Reinhard Estor
Head of Organisation Management
I saw this equipment at the CeMat exhibition and was convinced that this complete solution was exactly what we needed to optimize our work environment. I asked a consulting company, to carry out an analysis. Test criteria were drawn up and the machine was installed on trial. The results of the test left no doubt. Productivity levels were maintained, although the work was easier on the individual. Long-term we expect to see reductions in the number of sick days.

To improve working conditions when unloading containers and reduce costs relating to sickness, Musik Meyer provided operators emptying containers with a lifting aid.

It is not just a question of economics, or being able to offer a quick delivery service to customers, MUSIK MEYER prides itself on providing safe, working conditions – the AAA rating they have been awarded is testimony to this fact. Caljan Rite-Hite teamed up with Vaculex to provide a complete and simple solution. Parcels of various sizes and weights are removed from the container using Vaculex ParceLift. MUSIK MEYER has already experienced improvements in absence statistics and expect these to fall still further. Using the same manpower, the time taken to empty a container has been reduced from 2½ - 3 hours to just 1 hour.
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