Avoid back injury when unloading containers

Employees lowering a parcel from above shoulder height manually risk injury, and yet loading or unloading a single 40’ container means this task is performed on average 1,000 times. Stooping to lift and twisting when lifting are equally hazardous. Moving through angles of -30°/+30°, the new articulating conveyor extension from Caljan not only reduces the risk of injury significantly — it improves efficiency.

Working in the loading bay is physically demanding. An employee working in a 3-man team can move up to 26 tons during a shift when loading/unloading loose-loaded goods, such as parcels and tyres, from a container or truck. A Caljan Telescopic Conveyor fitted with an articulating extension reaches up to the very top of the container, so parcels at a height of more than 2 metres can be eased onto the conveyor with little effort. Similarly, parcels at floor level can easily be drawn onto the belt and conveyed into the facility.

The articulating extension, called a DroopSnoot, is an independent unit that can be added to any telescopic conveyor in the Caljan Performer range.
Avoid back injury when unloading containers

Optimize the work environment

The DroopSnoot is a 1.5 m articulating section mounted at the front of the telescopic conveyor, thus extending its operating range. Using an intuitive smartpad on either side of the conveyor, the operator can elevate or lower the DroopSnoot to the appropriate position in any vehicle, enabling loose-loaded goods to be loaded/unloaded efficiently and ergonomically.

— The DroopSnoot unit is fitted with a custom-made high-grip belt. When the conveyor is in position, the goods can be eased onto the belt with almost no effort. The belt grips the item and draws it onto the conveyor. The high-grip feature of the belt ensures that the item remains in place as the belt moves — regardless of the DroopSnoot’s position, explains Product Manager Jens Erik Langdahl.

The DroopSnoot can be elevated to the roof or lowered to the floor of any vehicle, so the operator can adjust the working height continuously. As the articulating belt extension helps to bear the load, employees only lift the goods briefly, helping them to avoid exceeding the maximum weights recommended in typical lifting guidelines.

When the conveyor is not in use, the DroopSnoot can be stored in an upright position allowing for free passage between the conveyor and the door.

Protecting your investment and your employees

A two-way anti-collision bumper forces the conveyor to retract slightly if an obstacle is encountered, preventing damage to personnel or items inside the container. The high-grip belt on the articulating conveyor extension is independent of the telescopic conveyor belt, so they can run at two different speeds to facilitate parcel separation. A worn high-grip belt can be replaced economically and quickly, reducing down-time to minutes. Sensors can be fitted to the DroopSnoot unit to ensure safe retraction across uneven docks.

The articulating extension can be added to existing Caljan Performer Telescopic Conveyors on site, upgrading the work environment.
— The DroopSnoot has a number of features that ensure safe operation, for example guards that prevent access to moving parts. Rollers at the front of the unit are designed to pop-out if anything is caught between them eliminating pinch risk, says Jens Erik Langdahl.

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