Reduce turn-around time with AutoLoader

Caljan AutoLoader
Reduce turn-around time and speed up distribution with fully-automated bulk loading. Increase your capacity with Caljan’s AutoLoader.

With Caljan AutoLoader you increase capacity without human intervention

The new AutoLoader from Caljan reduces turn-around time for parcel carriers and retailers handling loose-loaded cargo. For use exclusively with Caljan Performer Telescopic Conveyors, this remarkable new development makes light of bulk loading vehicles of any size. The AutoLoader fills containers and trailers automatically — enabling increased capacity and faster distribution.

This fully-automated articulating conveyor responds to current trends in e-commerce. To reduce shipping costs, many online and omnichannel retailers use polybags rather than boxes when despatching customer orders.

The AutoLoader is the optimal way to handle a high volume of polybags, as they do not have to be stacked and can simply be released inside the vehicle.

Fill vehicles of any size around the clock

Up and down — and from left to right — AutoLoader navigates easily around inside the trailer or container. Parcels and polybags are transported along the conveyor belt and automatically deposited in the right place – no operator is needed. Caljan AutoLoader loads your cargo into vehicles continuously and at high speed – offering considerable savings with a fill factor of approx. 80%.

A unique pivoting function enables the AutoLoader to move in all directions; vertically between +15° and -25°and horizontally through angles of ±25°. This flexibility means vehicles of any size can be served through standard loading bay doors.

Save on manpower costs

Moving automatically into the appropriate position, the AutoLoader requires no human intervention at all. Your containers and vehicles get filled up at a steady speed. No breaks, no sickness.
AutoLoader continues to work as long as there is cargo that needs moving. Manpower can be deployed to other areas of your business.

Taking care of your cargo

The AutoLoader has an outstanding ability to adjust the release height of parcels and polybags to a maximum of 20 centimetres. By measuring the distance to the floor or already loaded goods, the risk of damage during bulk loading is reduced significantly. As soon as the sensors encounter an obstacle in the programmed cycle, the AutoLoader moves into a better position to avoid a collision — keeping the loaded cargo safe.
Using a fully automated articulating conveyor to fill vehicles also removes the risk of personal injury, as there is no operator involved in the loading process.

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