Unloading boxes rapidly and easily with Caljan EXPRESS Snoot

Caljan EXPRESS Snoot speeds up the unloading process by making the task easier

Reduce transport costs;
use every corner of the vehicle

In addition to moving up and down, EXPRESS Snoot can pivot through angles of ±25°, which means unloading boxes at height — and from the uppermost corners is easy. Reduce transport costs by using available space effectively.

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Unloading boxes more effectively, so capacity can increase

On-line retail continues to grow, which means increased parcel volumes. Consumers demand shorter delivery times, which challenges the efficiency of the logistics process. Unloading boxes (and loading them) can be both easier and more effective with Caljan EXPRESS Snoot. Developed exclusively for Caljan Performer Telescopic Conveyors, EXPRESS Snoot eliminates all unnecessary movement. The operator does not waste time walking about. Caljan EXPRESS Snoot cuts the time spent unloading boxes by bringing the belt to the box.

Belt to box method — unloading boxes has never been easier

unloading boxes belt to box method
Striking the button activates automatic movement. As the conveyor moves into place, the operator can begin unloading boxes. The belt is alongside the box. Items can be dragged onto the belt with minimum effort. No stretching and minimal lifting is required. In our experience the time unloading boxes takes is reduced by at least 27%.