Operator Platform

Operator Platform is characterized by safety and ergonomy

Non-slip flooring and a hook to secure a safety harness prevent falling from the Operator Platform. Anti-collision features prevent jolting. The position of the platform in relation to the top of conveyor can be adjusted to suit the height of the individual operator. Optional foot pedals provide hands-free operation.

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Operator Platforms improve work environment inside trailers

Fitting an operator platform to a Caljan Telescopic Boom Conveyor raises one or even two operators up to the correct working height. Standing comfortably on the Operator Platform, the person loading or unloading the truck, trailer or container can move ergonomically in his/her Power Zone.

The Operator Platform is an integral part of the Telescopic Belt Conveyor. The Operator Platform moves with the conveyor as it extends and retracts. The Telescopic Conveyor is capable of lifting the operator(s), the Operator Platform and the cargo.

Operator Platforms can be fitted to both Caljan Classic and Caljan Performer Telescopic Conveyors.

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Controls can easily be accessed from the Operator Platform

The operator simply steps onto the Operator Platform and uses the smart pad or joystick to extend the boom. Once inside the trailer or container, the operator activates the conveyor belt and begins to unload or load the cargo. As the container empties or fills, the operator extends or retracts the Conveyor, accessing the controls easily from the Operator Platform.