Lifting Aid developed specifically for using inside trailers

Moving inside the vehicle with the Telescopic Conveyor, the lifting aid contracts automatically when passing through the door of the building. Once inside the container, trailer or truck, the lifting aid automatically expands to full working height. The patented technology of the lifting aid means it is ideal for use in confined spaces and areas with low headroom.

Developed specifically to help employees empty containers ergonomically, Vaculex ParceLift™ lifting aid is an integral part of the Caljan Telescopic Conveyor. Both Caljan Classic and Caljan Performer can be fitted with the lifting aid.

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Strong, light construction characterizes the lifting aid

Vaculex ParceLift lifting aid helps the operator to move items weighing up to 40 kg/88 lbs ergonomically. The suction cup on the lifting aid grasps the parcel firmly. The operator can then swivel and lift the parcel to the required height in one swift movement, releasing the suction when the lifting aid has positioned the parcel correctly. The suction force of the lifting aid is more than twice the lifting force, so the risk of dropping parcels is minimal.