Reach ceiling / floor with Droop Snoot articulating conveyor

Mobilize the articulating conveyor to serve multiple doors

The conveyor shown in the video is fitted on powered castors, so that it can serve doors on both side of the premises. Note how packages are dragged onto the articulating conveyor. The belt does the work, not the operator.

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The Droop Snoot articulating conveyor extension is a 1.5 m conveyor section mounted at the front of a Classic or Performer telescopic boom conveyor. Equipped with a standard control panel, the operator is able to use the joystick to raise or lower the Droop Snoot articulating conveyor to an appropriate position. Using the articulating conveyor to reach down to the floor and up to the ceiling, makes it easier to load/unload loose cargo.

Articulating conveyor for use with large and small vehicles

Parcels can easily be placed at height, utilizing the whole of the vehicle and saving on transport costs. When the fleet includes vans and similar small vehicles, Droop Snoot articulating conveyor can be lowered below floor level. This flexibility means vehicles of ANY size can be loaded or unloaded through standard loading bay doors.

Articulating conveyor stores upright for easy door access

When the Telescopic Conveyor is not in use, the Droop Snoot articulating conveyor extension can be stored in an upright position. This allows free passage between the conveyor and the door.