Improve the Logistics Work Environment

Loading and unloading vehicles is hard physical work. If the task is performed full-time and no technical aid is applied – or if existing aids are not used appropriately – the work can be incapacitating. Movements tend to be repetitive, done quickly and performed for long periods of time which makes the logistics work environment particularly harsh.

Many types of work related injuries and health hazards can occur in the loading bay area:

  • Improper lifting, repetitive movements or poor design of operations can lead to musculoskeletal disorders in employees. Some of the most common disorders are back injuries occurring from improper lifting or over-exertion.
  • Employees can be injured when they are caught in pinch points or in the in-going nip points; and they can be hit by falling products.

Statistics speak for themselves

Statistics relating to accidents and work-related illness in the loading zone of warehouses, hubs, and distribution centers indicate that the work environment in this area is often poor. In fact, freight, stock, and material movers have the highest numbers of days away from work due to musculoskeletal disorders such as overexertion and bodily reaction.

Some of the factors contributing to these statistics are the number of lifts each day, the weight of the items being lifted, the pace of work, and the typically high turn-over of staff.
Making the work environment safer and more comfortable for employees allows management to minimize the risk of accidents, and attract and retain employees. Furthermore, society and employees save costs when the number of days away from work are reduced.

Safety goes hand in hand with increased efficiency

With Caljan Telescopic Belt Conveyors – fitted with DroopSnoot, Express Snoot or Operator Platforms for very demanding tasks and highest safety – employees loading and unloading trucks and containers can work with better lighting, more comfortable temperatures, and healthier working postures. A healthier work environment goes hand in hand with increasing efficiency, which is a must in every high-competitive business environment.

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