Improve productivity when unloading trucks & trailers

An operator platform, attached to the Caljan Telescopic Belt Conveyor, makes it easier for the person unloading trucks and containers to reach all corners.

Unloading trucks easily & effectively with the right equipment

Unloading trucks effectively is best achieved by using flexible and robust Telescopic Belt Conveyors. Unloading trucks egonomically with the right Telescopic Conveyor speeds the unloading process up, giving you a strategic edge.

Telescopic Conveyors with articulating or pivoting belt extensions allow the person unloading trucks to work within the power zone, moving and handling cargo ergonomically. In high cube trucks, standing on an operator platform fitted to the Telescopic Conveyor enables the person unloading trucks to reach the uppermost level, so the work is faster and more ergonomic.

Every Caljan Telescopic Belt Conveyor is backed by a 5-year structural warranty.

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