Choosing the right Telescopic Conveyor

right telescopic conveyor

The right telescopic conveyor depends on your objective

The right Telescopic Conveyor will depend on the result you want to achieve with your investment.

  • Do you want to reduce handling costs?
  • Is increasing productivity your driver?
  • Are turn-around times critical?
  • Does your facility need to be more flexible?
  • Is your focus on improving the work environment?
  • Do you want to deploy manpower elsewhere?

Working together, we explore what lies behind your objective, considering how change would affect your loading and unloading process and your business as a whole.

The functionality, quality, design, safety features and integration of the logistics equipment all play a part. The lifetime cost should also be taken into account when determining the right Telescopic Conveyor to match your needs.

The right telescopic conveyor is an effective interface

Before deciding on the right Telescopic Conveyor type and size for your application, a variety of factors must be considered:

  • the volume of goods passing through your facility
  • whether you handle goods in as well as goods out
  • typical types and weights of goods to be handled
  • the volume & types of vehicles frequenting your facility
  • access to the doors in your facility
  • space inside the facility
  • whether a raised dock is available
  • the manpower available

You may find it useful to print & apply labels as goods enter or leave your facility or insert a document as part of the handling process.

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