Caring for your Logistics Equipment

If you contract Caljan for conveyor maintenance, we will tailor an agreement to your exact specifications.

Caring for key components in your loading & unloading process

If your logistics equipment has moving parts, at some point, it will have worn or broken parts that will need to be replaced. The disruptive effect of normal wear and tear always seems to happen when you need the equipment the most. If your logistics equpment is key to your business, you can’t afford not to have spare parts on hand to keep your business operating. Depending on the volume of logistics equipment that you have, your business problems will multiply by the possibility of a part failing, resulting in downtime, unhappy customers and perhaps even loss of earnings.

Stock replacement parts “spare parts”

When one of your machines is out of commission, as little as 15 minutes can be devastating to your operation. Knowing and understanding your spare parts list and needs are integral to the success of your operation. Not having the part you need on hand for immediate replacement can be more costly than you think.

Regularly scheduled maintenance

The financial impact of downtime is staggering. Servicing your machines is a very effective tool when preventing downtime. Please follow our guidelines for maintaining Caljan equipment; correct adjustment will reduce downtime during critical peak times. Regular inspections of the equipment will equate to early detection of potential problems before they injure your operation. This ensures that if a physical service call is needed it can be scheduled well in advance of your peak season.

Caring for your logistics equipment

There are several proactive things you can do to ensure that you are well prepared for your peak season. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Stock recommended spare parts on site for all machines.
  • Invest in your staff: Asking Caljan to train your maintenance crew can be the difference between profitability or significant loss.
  • Follow through with regular maintenance inspections, proper adjustments and parts replacement as needed.

The cost of downtime

To gain a greater understanding of how critical downtime can be to your operation, it is important to consider all of the costs associated with downtime. Costs are not only the up front costs and visible costs associated with downtime, but can include many hidden costs as well.

These hidden costs can range from lost revenue, overtime, expedited shipping or emergency service calls, inefficient worker time and unhappy customers.

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