Powered Belt Conveyor – Curve

Curve powered belt conveyors that run quietly and safely

The lightweight aluminium construction and belt reduce noise levels to a minimum. Our range of powered belt conveyors comprises a wide range of sizes. All powered belt conveyors can be fitted with supports, sidewalls, light barriers etc.

Dependable powered belt conveyors — built to run & run & run

Caljan curved powered belt conveyor has been designed to give you peace of mind. These dependable curve conveyors are easy to own. No attention is required, as the powered belt sends boxes, suitcases etc., smoothly around the curve day after day, year after year.

Caljan curved powered belt conveyors are reliable & robust

Cut and sewn to order, the belt stays firmly in place on the powered belt conveyor regardless of the speed and curve angle. The edge of the belt has a unique beaded profile, so there is no risk of the belt being ripped away from the retainer, or of the beading snapping.

The construction of the powered belt conveyor prevents dust and foreign bodies from blocking the belt, so downtime for maintenance is minimal.

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