Gravity roller conveyors

Gravity roller conveyors-cost-effective way to load loose cargo

More than 3,000 Caljan gravity roller conveyors world-wide

Caljan Gravity Roller Conveyors are stationary, telescopic units developed to withstand continual use. All sections of our gravity roller conveyors are manufactured from high-strength, micro-alloy steel providing maximum stability and long-life. Our gravity roller conveyors have been operating for decades at parcel carriers and distribution centres throughout the world.

The principles of gravity roller conveyors are simple; using the natural forces of gravity, parcels and packages are propelled by their own weight.

Caljan Gravity Roller conveyors are stable & cost-effective

Typically a number of gravity roller conveyors are installed at doors dedicated to loading. Parcels and packages leaving the sortation system are moved to the appropriate conveyor and along the rollers, stopping at the end of the conveyor. As sortation progresses, items accumulate along the length of multiple gravity roller conveyors.
A signal can be given, so the loader is aware that the conveyor must be emptied. He/she is able to manage the workload effectively, instead of moving from door to door each time a parcel is ready for loading.

All gravity roller conveyors can be custom-built to incorporate optional functions.

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