Conveyor maintenance reduces breakdown risks in peak periods

If you contract conveyor maintenance from Caljan, we will tailor an agreement to your exact specifications. While we have standard packages, you may want to add or remove certain elements such as specific response times, access to critical spares, out of hours working or number of maintenance cycles.

When purchasing new equipment a conveyor maintenance contract can be combined with extended warranty of up to five years.

Do you need proactive or reactive conveyor maintenance?

To maximize overall equipment efficiency we recommend a pro-active approach to conveyor maintenance, with a full preventive and reactive maintenance agreement. Preventive conveyor maintenance is a flexible concept ranging from a simple inspection followed by a condition report with recommendations, to full blown service that raises the condition of the equipment as best as possible to that seen when it was new.

Whatever approach best suits your budget and operational requirements, you can be sure that this is the best way to avoid costly downtime. All work equipment needs to be cleaned regularly and maintained. Checking the equipment and performing conveyor maintenance at regular intervals provides an excellent basis for recommending upgrades, optimization and training.

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