Global Service

Maintaining your Caljan Rite-Hite equipment on a regular basis will extend thMaintaining your Caljan telescopic conveyor on a regular basis will extend the machine lifetime.e machine lifetime.

The Caljan global service concept has been developed to protect your investment.

Effective maintenance is the key to minimum breakdowns. Caljan deliver value driven maintenance to ensure you get benefit from everything we do.

Breakdown coverage

Caljan trained engineers provide global coverage with a consistent, rapid response to any emergency. Each engineer carries van stock and specialty tools to repair breakdowns on the first visit.


Caljan carry specialty belting equipment in the field to either achieve a ‘stitched’ repair or a full vulcanised joint.

Additionally, we can fit brand new belts within a couple of days and realign any tracking issues within hours of your call.

Preventive or reactive?

Maintaining your Caljan equipment on a regular basis will extend the machine lifetime. Taking a proactive approach, checking and servicing when convenient ensures that the equipment is not only operational when it is needed, it is reliable and safe to use during peak periods.

Reactive maintenance is required when the equipment fails in-between maintenance intervals. So the short answer is that you need both as well as custom services such as technical surveys, PUWER assessments etc.

We can offer: Maintenance, Spare parts, Refurbishment & Upgrades.

Global service concept

Service can be provided by every Caljan company and every authorised distributor. This means we can provide quick response time by qualified engineers who are experienced in maintaining and servicing all Caljan equipment.


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