Individual Labelling Systems

Caljan Labelling Systems improve flow of goods & profitability

Custom Labelling Systems using standard industrial components

The modular design of Caljan Labelling Systems enables our automation specialists to craft a solution that matches your application perfectly. Applicator, print module and intelligence are combined seamlessly with all peripherals. Your have just one interface for the whole Labelling project. We are so confident in our ability to meet your expectations, that we guarantee throughput on your Caljan Labelling System.

Caljan Labelling Systems improve flow of goods & profitability

Supplying a Labelling Solutions that matches the specification is setting the bar too low. Our objective if to give you a Caljan experience that actually improves your profitability:

  • High availability
  • High-speed, accurate performance
  • Extremely low operating costs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Long replacement intervals for supplies
  • Long service life of components and equipment

Quality Labelling Project management based on solid experience

Having worked with conveyors and Labelling for more than 50 years, our expertise makes the difference between a labelling solution that just functions – and a Labelling Solution that actually improves the flow of goods through your facility.

We take care of all aspects throughout the project. Your solution is fully tested at our facility before installation. Onsite, we integrate the application into your conveyor line. You sign off on the project only when everything is running according to the specification.

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