What safety features are on the telescopic conveyors?

All Caljan telescopic conveyors have been designed with safety and ergonomics in mind. Safety features include pop-out rollers that prevent items or fingers from being caught between the belt and the machine, operator controls with a Hold-To-Run effect and guarded emergency stop. Corners are rounded to prevent bruising if impacted and any sharp edges are covered. All chains and other moving parts are encased or shielded, and all telescopic conveyors are fitted with unique under-guarding designed to fully protect operators from moving parts.

There are also a number of optional functions that further improve comfort and/or safety in the workplace e.g. overhead lighting, side guards, hydraulic elevation control, articulating belt extensions, automatic package indexing, integral heater, cooling fans. This list is not comprehensive, so please ask your local Caljan representative for further details.

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