What does the pop-out roller do?

Pop-out rollers are a safety feature of Caljan Telescopic Belt Conveyors
Pop-out rollers are a safety feature of Caljan Telescopic Belt Conveyors. Their function is to prevent body parts, loose clothing etc., from becoming trapped when a Telescopic Belt Conveyor is used to load a truck or container.

When loading a truck/container the operator typically moves quickly and intuitively, without really looking at the cargo he is taking from the conveyor. The pop-out roller is fitted between the belt and the framework of the conveyor to prevent his fingers from becoming caught.

The name ‘pop-out’ refers to the way the roller is fitted in place. The roller shaft rests in notches on either side of the conveyor framework. If the operator were to put his hand between the belt and the roller, he would naturally withdraw it very quickly. This movement would lift the roller away from the conveyor – preventing a pinch accident. In effect the roller would ‘pop out’ of place allowing the hand to be released at once.

The roller is replaced by simply slotting it into the notches once again.

Other safety features include guarded Emergency Stop, Hold-To-Run effect and full under-guarding.

It is important to think safety when investing in new logistic equipment.

Read about Safety Standards in the loading/unloading zone here.

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