How does document insertion work?

Document insertion is an integral part of the in-line process
This rather depends on the item you want to add the documents to. The principle in all Caljan Document Handling Solutions, is that the item is identified, the document (e.g. delivery note or invoice) is printed in real time and then inserted. Document insertion is an integral part of the in-line process. The box or polybag barely pauses; the document insertion process is completed in microseconds.

We offer three distinctly different methods for document insertion:

  • Print & Place: documents inserted into open boxes moving along the conveyor
  • Print & Pouch: documents inserted into a pouch attached to the exterior of a box
  • Print & Merge: documents placed beneath a stack of poly-bagged items

Follow the links and watch the videos on each page. They will give you an idea of how each solution functions. Document insertion is typically used by retailers sending shipments to individual people, or consignments to replenish shop stocks.

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