Can DroopSnoot be fitted on all Conveyor models?

A DroopSnoot can be retrofitted to all Caljan BeltTrack Performer sizes
Caljan’s DroopSnoot articulating belt conveyor extension can be fitted to all telescopic conveyors in the Cajan BeltTrack Performer range and most sizes in the Caljan BeltTrack Classic range. Moving easily between ceiling and floor, this special conveyor is ideal for moving heavy parcels etc. onto the Telescopic Conveyor. The DroopSnoot can be used both to load and unload.

If you want your new Caljan Telescopic Conveyor to be fitted with a DroopSnoot, please discuss with your Caljan representative. When you order a Caljan Telescopic Conveyor fitted with a DroopSnoot articulating conveyor extension the unit is supplied as a whole. The operator control panel is placed at the head of the articulating section for ease of use.

Retrofitting the DroopSnoot

As the DroopSnoot option has an independent belt, it can even be retrofitted – please enquire. Retrofitting the equipment to the Performer model is a simple process. A unique multi-connector concept makes it exceedingly easy to upgrade by addding additional functions. Access the connector by removing the front and anti-collision bumper. The articulating belt conveyor can then be bolted onto the front multi-connector. Once this is in place, the Performer front can be reattached and the equipment is ready for use.

Due to the design of the smaller Classic models, CB2L and CB3L, DroopSnoots cannot be fitted to these.

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