FAQ - Work Environment

What does the pop-out roller do?

Pop-out rollers are a safety feature of Caljan Telescopic Belt Conveyors. Their function is to prevent body parts, loose clothing etc., from becoming trapped when a Telescopic Belt Conveyor is used to load a truck or container. When loading a truck/container the operator typically moves quickly and intuitively, without really ...read more →

Can DroopSnoot be fitted on all Conveyor models?

Caljan’s DroopSnoot articulating belt conveyor extension can be fitted to all telescopic conveyors in the Cajan BeltTrack Performer range and most sizes in the Caljan BeltTrack Classic range. Moving easily between ceiling and floor, this special conveyor is ideal for moving heavy parcels etc. onto the Telescopic Conveyor. The DroopSnoot ...read more →

What safety features are on the telescopic conveyors?

All Caljan telescopic conveyors have been designed with safety and ergonomics in mind. Safety features include pop-out rollers that prevent items or fingers from being caught between the belt and the machine, operator controls with a Hold-To-Run effect and guarded emergency stop. Corners are rounded to prevent bruising if impacted ...read more →