FAQ - Service

Are there guidelines for cleaning a telescopic conveyor?

Designed for use in the loading/unloading zone, Caljan Telescopic Conveyors are extremely robust. To get maximum lifetime and high performance day after day, we recommend that you follow the guidelines below for cleaning a telescopic conveyor. Removing accumulated waste and wiping down surfaces at regular intervals is an important part ...read more →

What does a ’critical’ spare parts kit include?

When designing a spare parts kit, we determine expected lifetime and the probability of failure for all parts.  Based on our calculations – and years of experience – we put together a list of parts that should they fail would have a serious impact on the material handling process, quality, ...read more →

Can Caljan take care of conveyor installation?

Yes. Our global service network means you can take advantage of a full service package, including conveyor installation – and indeed installation of all other Caljan equipment. Customer service is an integral part of our business model; we can provide installation, commissioning and even training of your operators. Subsequent to installation, ...read more →