FAQ - Labelling Systems

Do the Caljan Print & Apply Solutions include dust enclosures?

Covers and enclosures are used to optimize safety in all Caljan Print & Apply Solutions, shielding people passing by from moving parts, e.g. the robotic arm used to apply the label. These also provide protections against dust. If the environment in which the equipment is installed is particularly dusty, specially-designed ...read more →

Can Caljan provide consumables?

No. We will provide the first batch of consumables together with the Print & Apply Solution. This enables us to demonstrate functionality. We then define the type, quality etc., and let you purchase consumables yourselves. Freedom of choice means that you are able to get your consumbables directly from the ...read more →

Can Caljan labelling systems print 2D barcodes?

Yes. We use standard industrial printers in all Caljan Labelling Systems. These can print 1D and 2D barcodes. A Caljan Labelling System typically checkscans the applied barcode to validate readability. A one dimensional barcode – sometimes called a linear barcode – is typically used to identify an item, so that ...read more →