Accurate ‘Etikettering’ is key to automation

Are you prepared for an 11% year-on-year growth in online transactions? To successfully compete, retailers in Nordic countries must think speed and versatility into their systems. You must be able to handle return goods, whilst coping with increased capacity, shorter delivery times and traditional store fulfillment. Accurate labelling and in-line document handling is key to automation – A Caljan ‘etikettering’-system can help optimize your process.

The volume of consumers in the Nordic region who purchase online is steadily growing. Studies carried out by PostNord reveal that the main driver is convenience. Although most Scandinavians shop nationally, they are becoming increasingly responsive to retailers offering international shipment.

Analysts at Forrester predict that cross-border commerce in Europe will exceed €40bn by 2018, whilst a report prepared for the European Commission indicates that the volume of consumers who shop online is expected to double by 2020.

Discover Caljan ‘Etikettering’

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