Unloading fragile porcelain and palletized goods at the same door

Unloading fragile porcelain at Ritzenhoff

Bernd Giesler, Technical Manager at Ritzenhoff
Bernd Giesler
Technical Manager
Our investment in a Caljan Rite-Hite solution has absolutely proved itself worthwhile. We are confident in our decision to purchase Caljan Classic with Vaculex ParceLift and feel that our resources have been used wisely. Together with Caljan Rite-Hite, we developed a concept that enabled us to extend our facility. Using conveyors and automatic systems as required means that we are ready to handle future expectations and growth targets.

Vaculex ParceLift fitted on a mobile Caljan Classic combines maximum flexibility with optimal working environment

The core values at Ritzenhoff are quality, functionality and lifetime. These primarily apply to the porcelain that they produce and distribute world-wide, but could equally reflect the company’s employee policy. Ritzenhoff has recently installed a Caljan Classic, fitted with Vaculex ParceLift to make the job of emptying containers more ergonomic, believing that a satisfied employee produces satisfactory results. Approx 400 containers are emptied each year, totalling approx. 600,000 parcels. These arrive at any one of the four doors, served by the Telescopic Conveyor fitted on rails. This flexible solution means that whenever a container is being emptied, there are three other doors, that can be used by forklift trucks.
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