One Telescopic Conveyor Serving Multiple Doors

Caljan Performer serves multiple doors at GTL

Mr. Zannini
Deputy Managing Director
One aspect of our growth strategy is that our operation must be as lean as possible. The act of buying equipment doesn’t solve any problem. Before investing in the Caljan Telescopic Conveyors, we reviewed our processes. A measure of fluidity was necessary to warrant investment in peripheral equipment.

Managing space, identifying and palletizing goods and handling the palletized goods were identified as core issues, particularly with cross-docking.

The initial goal was to improve productivity and if possible enhance the work environment. The process analysis indicated that lack of flow during unloading was a significant obstacle. Fitted on a rail embedded in the concrete floor, the Telescopic Conveyor is able to move between multiple doors. This flexibility means that the doors can be used to handle both palletized and loose-loaded goods, the conveyor is simply moved to one side when not in use. Today the Caljan Performer Telescopic Conveyors are considered an integral part of the parcel flow. The linearity of the unloading process has enhanced productivity and all hardship indicators have been reduced.
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