Unloading without a dock at Diawa Sports

Caljan MobileLoader

Alex Laird, Diawa Sports
Alex Laird
Warehouse Manager
»I have been a warehouse manager for close to 30 years and this is probably the best piece of equipment I’ve ever bought – no, it IS the best piece of equipment I have ever bought. It enables us to unload containers so much more efficiently. The fatigue level of the people unloading the container is much lower than it was before. They are in far better shape to be able to continue with other tasks afterwards.«

At Diawa Sports, goods are unloaded through a standard industrial door

Previously containers arriving at Diawa Sports Ltd were emptied manually. Initially removing parcels is fairly easy. But as you get deeper into the container the people emptying it have to walk 20 to 40 foot back and forth with parcels weighing as much as 25 kg - a tiring, labour intensive process. Alex Laird, Warehouse Manager at Diawa Sports’ production and warehouse facility in Scotland, checked the various conveyors available on the market, finding few suitable for use in a location without a raised dock area. After testing a couple of brands, Alex Laird opted for the Caljan ML Conveyor, a mobile conveyor that can be used to both load and unload through a standard industrial door. Although the belt direction is reversible, the Caljan ML Conveyor at Diawa Sports is not used for loading as despatch goods are transported on pallets and sent in small portions via a parcel distributor.
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