DHL Aviation use Caljan Telescopics to load all vehicle types

Caljan Classic reaching down to a small vehicle at DHL

Marcel De Kelver
Engineering, Maintenance and Facilities Manager
Downtime due to machine failure is seldom. Critical components must be available; If a machine stops for one hour, the whole process is affected. This is disastrous, resulting in intolerable connectivity issues. We simply cannot afford breakdowns. DHL Aviation in Zaventem have worked with Caljan Rite-Hite for several projects. Although the purchase price is typically a little higher than that of similar machines, the total cost of ownership is convincing. Caljan boom conveyors are simply more robust than those manufactured by competitors.

The most important factor when handling parcels is reliability. Customers must be confident that their parcels will be delivered as promised.

Constantly looking for the best and most economical way to transport goods, DHL Aviation implemented a new process in 2010 to increase road capacity without extending the facilities. Goods are unloaded, sorted, scanned, then reloaded before being transported to various destinations. Goods are transported in vehicles of various sizes, including 7.5 meter trailers and small vans with a stand height of 600 mm above floor level, which makes quick yet ergonomic handling something of a challenge. Earlier the process was very manual, with operators carrying each item to the waiting vehicle. After installing Caljan Classic Telescopic Conveyors, with hyraulic elevation half the number of people take just half the time to load each vehicle - which means turn-around has been improved significantly.
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