Handle document envelopes automatically with Print & Pouch


This two page leaflet describes how easy it is to incorporate Caljan Print & Pouch into your system, so document envelopes can be handled automatically.
Printing shipping documents and putting them in document envelopes is typically an expensive, manual process. It doesn't have to be. Download the brochure or request more information, if you want to learn how you can cut the cost of handling document envelopes. Print & Pouch — an innovative, new development from Caljan — prints delivery notes, invoices etc. and AUTOMATICALLY puts them in document envelopes. As an integral part of this automatic process, the document envelopes are applied to the outside of the box or package. No manual handling is required. Your personnel can be deployed to where they are needed. Automating handling of shipping papers — and document envelopes — doesn't simply free up your staff, it enables you to increase your throughput. [ctabutton link="/request-quote-label-document-handling/"]Request a quote[/ctabutton]