Boost your labelling process with Caljan’s amazing Flying Applicator

Caljan effective labelling
In an automated warehouse or fulfilment centre numerous labels are applied to packages and polybags. Caljan’s newly developed Flying Applicator applies the shipping or ID label at precise X, Y, Z & U coordinates. The sweet spot can be over an existing label, alongside an existing label or in an empty space — whatever is required.

Flying ahead of competitor’s with exceptional label legibility

The applicator tracks the item to be labelled as it moves rapidly along the conveyor. The sweet spot is located and the label angle is adjusted to suit the angle of the package or polybag.

The contours of the surface are scanned, so the label can be firmly affixed — even to soft, uneven surfaces. In the flash of an eye, the applicator touches down and the label is applied.

The label remains firmly in place and is positioned for correct, automated reading.

Ready to fly whenever you need it

Standard configuration comprises 2 printer modules. This means the Flying Applicator prints and applies labels continuously in a non-stop 24/7 operation. When a supply runs out, the back-up printer automatically becomes active. As downtime to change consumables is avoided, Flying Applicator can easily handle a throughput of 3,000 items per hour.

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Caljan takes total responsibility and guarantees specified throughput

Caljan labelling solutions are developed to suit the specific requirements of your application. From the initial idea to installation, we take full responsibility – not only for our system but also for all relevant interfaces. The solution is engineered for full integration with your existing system. We don’t hand-over until the solution is running at the throughput specified in our proposal. We keep what we promise.