The alternative boom conveyor

The fixed boom, sometimes called - drive-out conveyor - is a good alternative if space isn't an issue

If space isn’t an issue, you can cut the cost of loading or unloading containers by installing a ‘drive-out’ – also known as a fixed boom conveyor.

This type of boom conveyor is typically stored underneath overhead conveyors, or simply pushed to one side when not in use.

Drive-out or Fixed Boom conveyor

With a reach of approx. 56 ft, this boom conveyor can be used to load or unload many forms of non-palletized freight. The motorized belt can transport items weighing as much as 50 lbs/ft. With quick action drive-out and a tailored belt speed, the Caljan boom conveyor can reduce your load time by up to 50% – without compromising on personal or package safety.

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