Print & Pouch — documents on top / side of box

Up to five pages – A5, A4 or letter size – are printed, then folded and placed on the parcel and covered by the label — automatically forming a document pouch.

Increase throughput by 600%

This fully-automatic document handling system is the modern, cost-effective way to handling shipping papers. Consignment specific papers are printed on demand, then folded and placed in a document pouch. The carrier specific freight label is printed directly on the document pouch. No manual handling is required and no mistakes are made. Manpower can be deployed where human touch adds values.

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Handle delivery notes in less than 6 seconds

Time-consuming, intricate manual processes belong in the past. Print & Pouch handles delivery notes and other shipping papers automatically — as an integral part of your goods out process. The ROI is impressive. Customers report that the investment pays for itself in less than 18 months.