Save time & cut costs by automating the goods despatch note

Handle document envelopes automatically with Caljan Print & Pouch

Handling the goods despatch note manually is a nightmare

So stop doing it manually. The only way to make this process efficient is to automate itPrinting, folding and applying the paperwork automatically, as part of your despatch process, not only cuts costs significantly — it gives you a much higher degree of accuracy.

High-street stores are in fierce competition with their digital counterparts. Shoppers expect to find the latest styles available in all colours and sizes, so stores must be restocked frequently. Multiple boxes must be despatched on a daily basis and each consignment must have its own goods despatch note. Typically these are printed as a batch print and inserted manually into a document pouch. This time-consuming process is expensive. It doesn’t have to be. Caljan Rite-Hite can automate this process for you.

Easy-to-access goods desptach note; no need to open the parcel

Whether the box contains goods for replenishing store stock, or an e-commerce order to be collected at the store, making the goods despatch note readily available for the shop staff saves valuable time.

In relation to B2B goods in procedure, accessing the goods despatch note without opening the box is a valuable time saver too. Spares, tools, components etc., can be sent to the appropriate department without bogging down logistics.

When the goods despatch note is placed on the outside of the box, goods received can be quickly identified and handled accordingly.
Handling print and placement of the goods despatch note automatically speeds up the process for you too.

Individualised goods despatch note printed when required

If shipments are placed on a conveyor belt, we can help you incorporate the goods despatch note into the automated despatch process. Our automated Document Handling Systems match the data to be written on the goods despatch note (order no., description of content & the delivery address) with the box ID. The goods desptach note is printed and placed automatically on the top of the appropriate box, sealed in a document pouch.

The goods despatch note — and other relevant documents — are handled automatically & cost-effectively.

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When the goods despatch note is part of your automated process, store replenishment and click and collect can both be handled easily at the same distribution centre.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of an automatic goods despatch note?