Applications for Automatic Document Handling

Document Handling is an integral part of your automated process

The way in which we approach your project is innovative too; We take full responsibility and guarantee throughput.

Increase efficiency; automate your Document Handling process

When striving to meet shipping cut-off times, hours and even minutes count. You may have incorporated labelling into your conveyor process. Do you know that Document Handling can be automated too? Handled manually this is a slow and labour intensive process. When automated, Document Handling is cost-effective ⮕ and more accurate.

Profitable, professional Document Handling is automated

Caljan Rite-Hite is the driver in the field of Automatic Document Handling pushing the bar higher with each new product development. Caljan Automatic Document Handling solutions are innovative and engineered to match your specific application. Shipping documents are matched with the consignment and placed either in the box, on the box or under loose items — all as an integral part of the Automatic Document Handling process.

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