Automatic Document Handling

Automatic document handling can cut costs by as much as 80%

Automatic Document Handling cuts lead times: Order ⮕ Shipment

Automating warehouse management has cut costs considerably. Would you like to handle shipping papers as cost-effectively? Caljan has developed a range of products designed specifically to handle shipping papers as part of the automated despatch process. We call it Automatic Document Handling.

Our Automatic Document Handling Solutions print delivery notes, invoices, return labels etc. as required, placing them automatically inside boxes, ontop of packages or even underneath items before they get polybagged — as they flow rapidly along the conveyor belt. No time is wasted matching documents to shipments.

Automatic Document Handling is accurate, timely and quick — perfectly matching customer demands for increasingly shorter lead times from order to shipment.

Automatic Document Handling Solutions increase flexibility

When shipping documents are part of a manual process, they are often pre-printed in large batches hours before the items are packed. The print sequence limits flexibility. When the documents are printed in-line, in-house processes become more efficient — and strategic.

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