24% better utilization of trailer space with Caljan Operator Platform


Use Caljan Operator Platform to fill trailers & containers up to the brim

Typically when loading a trailer the operator is unable to reach the very top, which means the last 50 cm across the breadth and length of the trailer is completely empty. The carrier is simply moving air. With the new Caljan Operator Platform, fitted to a Caljan Telescopic Conveyor, you can fill the trailer completely up. No wasted space – which gives a significant saving in freight costs.

Real-environment testing resulted in an order for 48 units

A leading high street retailer has been heavily involved in the final stage of development, rigorously testing the equipment at their main European distribution centre. The objective was to verify that material handling costs can be cut when two operators work in unison to load/unload trailers and measure the comfort factor for each operator. The company’s Logistics Manager, Health & Safety Officer and Chief Medical Officer were all part of the steering group evaluating results.

44 employees were invited to load box and curtain trailers using the Caljan telescopic conveyor fitted with operator platform. Working in shifts throughout the day, the logistics teams moved over half a million boxes during a period of 16 weeks. Following the test period, the steering group suggested a couple of minor improvements and reported a string of positive comments from the operators, all of whom stated that the two-man platform made the work process more comfortable. 93% were impressed by the lighting and other safety factors. 98% considered the conveyor comfortable to operate directly from the platform, using the control panel on either side or the foot pedals. With a width of 1600 mm, the platform has ample space for two people to work alongside each other whilst leaving sufficient space at either side to allow for passage between the platform and the trailer it is extended into. Even at maximum extension, the operators confirmed the Telescopic Conveyor was exceedingly stable.

During the test period, the trailers were filled right to the brim quickly and easily. Although telescopic conveyors with operator platforms are traditionally used primarily in loading, the test company found that they also increase effectivity when unloading and placed an initial order for 48 Caljan Performer Telescopic Conveyors equipped with Operator Platform.

Elegant solution, strong enough to lift 300 kg

Caljan Performer Telescopic Conveyor fitted with Operator Platform can be used to load or unload any type of loose-loaded cargo. Standing safely on the platform, the operator moves the cargo ergonomically at an appropriate height. Items with a high level of friction, such as tyres, become easier to handle.

The Caljan Telescopic Conveyor is so strong, it can extend up to 15.3 m even when the Operator Platform is carrying two operators with a total weight of up to 300 kg. When not in use, the platform can be neatly tucked away beneath the telescopic conveyor, so that the footprint for the total installation is minimal.

When unloading, this folding function means the telescopic conveyor can be used without the platform to remove the first layer of goods. Once a small space has been created inside the trailer, the platform can be unfolded and put into use. This also means that the telescopic conveyor can be used with or without platform.

The platform can be fitted – or retrofitted – to every telescopic conveyor in the Caljan Performer range.

Focus on employee welfare

Safety is central to all Caljan Products, and the new Operator platform is no exception:
If there is an obstacle beneath the platform, the sensitive anti-collision function will detect the object and stop movement instantly. It is not possible to activate any of the controls until the platform has been raised away from the object. Similarly if the conveyor is being extended and an object is detected in front of the platform, movement will stop, controls will be locked and the only course of action is to retract the boom.

Bright lights placed on either side of the platform provide non-blinding working light, whilst a light behind the platform shines through the perforated sides making sure the lower area in front of the platform can be seen. Underside lighting on the Telescopic Conveyor illuminates the whole of the trailer floor.

Soft cushioning underfoot alleviates the strain of standing and optional height adjustment means the distance between the floor of the platform and top of belt, can be set individually providing a work area that matches the height of the operator.

The operator platform is fitted with two eye/anchor for attaching a safety harness for each operator, a sensible precaution when working at height.

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