Roller Conveyor Principles

Installed close to the dock door, a number of steel sections are built one inside the other and stored in a base section. When a truck pulls up to the door, the operator extends the telescopic conveyor by moving the joystick. The sections extend to reach inside the trailer. A roller loader can be manual or powered.

Roller conveyors are used when loading only is required or in cross-docking. Items travel along the inter-logistic conveyors and slide down the roller conveyor, accumulating until the operator is ready to start loading the container or truck. The accumulation feature allows the operator to work on multiple doors simultaneously. Roller conveyors are not driven, as the force of gravity gently eases parcels etc. along the conveyor.

Easy to use, Caljan telescopic boom conveyors are specifically designed for loading loose-loaded items speedily and with a minimum of effort.

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