Caljan Classic Telescopic Conveyor

»In addition to improving working conditions, Caljan Classic makes the loading process much faster.« Mantiqueira Alimentos, Brazil

Typically Caljan Classic is used to move boxes, sacks, tyres etc. through the doors of your facility. You can expect to reduce the time it takes to load or unload loose-loaded cargo by 50%, compared to a manual process.

Used to load or unload containers, trucks and even smaller vehicles, Caljan Classic will work continuously day after day for years on end.

In addition to optimizing labour productivity, your handling capacity is increased. If a quick turn-around is important to your business, Caljan Classic will help you achieve your goal. Not only efficient, Caljan Classic is the cost-effective way to handle loose-loaded cargo of any type.

»Even though our Caljan Classic are only 17 years old, they have worked the equivalent of maybe 40 years. They are amazing, very reliable.« Nike, Netherlands

A comprehensive range of optional functions, means your Caljan Classic can match your requirements precisely. To safeguard your investment Caljan Classic is also covered by a 5-year structural warranty.

Caljan Classic Telescopic Conveyor is equipped with a number of safety features including full underguarding, protective shields, pop-out rollers, emergency stop and anti-collision strips.

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