Telescopic Belt Conveyor Principles

Caljan Telescopic Belt Conveyors make short work of unloading loose-loaded cargo. Whatever your goods are moved in - vans, 40 ft containers or anything in between - you can find a Caljan Telescopic Belt Conveyor that matches your needs.

Installed close to the dock door, a number of steel sections are built one inside the other and stored in a base section. This means that the conveyor doesn't occupy a great deal of space, when not in use.

When the vehicle to be unloaded (van, truck, trailer, container etc) pulls up to the door, the operator extends the telescopic belt conveyor to the required length, extending a little more as the vehicle empties out, so that the cargo (sacks, boxes, tyres etc.) can be placed on the conveyor belt by the operator using very little effort. All items are transported by the belt along the telescopic conveyor to another conveyor in a system, or the items are off-loaded to a pallet.

When loading the process is reversed; unit items travel along the belt to the operator, who stacks them inside the vehicle. As the vehicle fills up, the operator retracts the conveyor by pressing the joystick or smartpad.

Caljan Telescopic Conveyors take the load out of loading & unloading loose cargo

Easy to use, Caljan telescopic belt conveyors are specifically designed for loading and unloading loose-loaded items quickly, safely and with a minimum of effort.

All Caljan Telescopic Conveyors can be custom-built to suit your specific needs by adding optional functions.

If the telescopic conveyor is equipped with hydraulic movement, the operator can raise or lower it, ensuring that the goods are moved at a comfortable & ergonomic height. Functions such as articulating belt or operator platform enable the operator to move even cumbersome items, e.g. tyres with little effort.

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