5-year Structural Warranty

Jens Erik Langdahl, Product Manager at Caljan Rite-Hite
J. E. Langdahl
Product Manager

Cost per handled package is a key metric for logistic operations today. Keenly aware that investments must last a long time and the cost of operation be minimal, Caljan build conveyors that last.

We back our conviction with a 5-year structural warranty.

You get a 5-year structural warranty - so you KNOW your investment is protected

Every Classic & Performer conveyor you purchase is covered by a 5-year structural warranty. When you invest in a Caljan Telescopic Belt Conveyor you can be confident that your equipment can perform at capacity throughout its lifetime.

A Telescopic Conveyor bears its own weight as well as the cargo, so it needs to be both strong and light. The joint between sections must be strong enough to carry the extension and flexible enough to give - rather than break. When developing new conveyors, we use Finite Element Method (FEM) to analyse the structure. This software enables us to study how the conveyor behaves when subjected to stress. Vulnerable areas can be identified and reinforced - and flexibility can be optimized.

Once the design is tested in theory, we produce proto-types and test them in realistic situations simulating the harsh environment of the loading and unloading zone. Make a wise investment - choose a Caljan Telescopic Conveyor.