Dual Purpose Loading Bays

Caljan Telescopics dual purpose loading bays

How do you use your loading bays?

If you handle a combination of loose-loaded goods, pallets and cages then you will need to optimise flexibility so that your loading bays can be used to receive all of these, so the term 'dual purpose' in this instance relates to the multiple ways goods are transported.

Your business may have started with national production facilities, so your goods will probably have been distributed on pallets. Today, you may need to move goods around between multiple facilities in various countries, loose-loaded in containers.

Many resort to palletising loose-loaded goods manually and moving them as they would traditionally. In addition to slowing down the logistics process, this work can be physically very demanding.

Same door for pallets & loose-loaded goods

To create a smooth transition for forklift traffic as they pass in and out of vehicles, dock levellers will have been fitted directly behind the doors. This in no way precludes the use of telescopic conveyors.

When loading bays are used for dual purposes, we recommend that you select a mobile telescopic conveyor. These can be moved away from the door to provide forklift access. When in place they function in exactly the same way as a stationary telescopic conveyor. If goods must be on pallets for storage, taking them out of the container first by means of a telescopic conveyor provides a better work environment for the employees involved with more space, more light and more warmth.

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