Loading and Unloading

Optimise loading unloading roller loader

Optimise the loading and unloading process

If you want to reduce turn-around time at existing doors, the only way forward is to optimise the loading and unloading process. There are two factors you must consider. The first is the equipment that you have installed and the second is the personnel who operate the equipment.

Does the equipment you have match the speed of your sortation system, or are there bottle necks in the loading/unloading zone? Although you may be able to adapt the process a little, perhaps by extending the working day to counteract the slow equipment, it is seldom a viable long-term solution. The answer may be to upgrade or replace the equipment.

Is the workforce sufficient to cope with the volume? Check statistics for accidents and absence due to work-related illness - unsafe work practices are often an indication that people are working beyond their capacity.

Indisputable financial gain

Automating the loading and unloading process will improve turn-around time; employees can be relocated or you can choose to increase your capacity in the loading bay. Your employees will benefit from an improved working environment, reducing costly sick leave and fast loading/unloading will impress your customers – helping you to keep them.

Think safety into your project

Health and safety legislation becomes increasingly more stringent, which makes it sound economic sense to consider whether the equipment you invest in limits the risk of accidents to personnel and damage to goods.

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