Why Caljan?

right telescopic conveyor

If you haven’t come across the name CALJAN before, you may be asking “Why Caljan?” or “What can Caljan do for me?”

Quite simply we can help you improve productivity and the work environment in your logistic processes.

In fact we see it as our mission to improve industrial safety, security and productivity worldwide through quality and innovation.

So how does this translate to the challenges you are facing within logistics?

We  work entirely in intra-logistics and the loading/unloading zone, so our knowledge is specialised and comprehensive.

Numerous enterprises within logistics are loyal users of Caljan equipment:

There is no doubt that Caljan’s telescopic conveyors help us unload containers faster.

Bjarne Mikkelsen, JYSK, Denmark

We would rather refurbish than buy from other sources.

Mr. Vocke, DPD, Germany