There is no such thing as a typical project...

automating the routing process is always an individual process.

Caljan helps parcel carriers and 3PL companies optimize last mile logistics at depot level. Streamlining routing increases throughput and reduces delivery times to a minimum.

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For retailers, it's often a question of using the warehouse as a fulfilment centre or extending automation to the door, so online orders can be handled automatically and shipped directly to consumers. In some areas an automated micro-fulfilment centre closer to the end-customer could be the answer to handling higher throughput economically.

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Despatching packages and parcels is becoming relevant for manufacturers too as they transition into retailers with online shopping for both B2B and B2C.

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From concept to commissioning.... and beyond

Experienced automation specialists make sure they understand your requirement in full. They take the time to deep dive into all relevant aspects.

Alternative approaches are discussed until we agree on a solution that provides the best functionality using the most appropriate technology. The scope of the project typically includes design, installation, commissioning, training and often service.

Our objective is always to give you the best possible value for your investment.

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